Decisions Decisions Decisions

Life happens whether we like it or not. Unexpected tragedies, unanticipated relationships, and unprecedented adventures unveil a life that is undeniably unique to its owner making life and living is  a very strange thing. We have all of these expectations set upon us by society, our families, and ourselves. We have plans and make promises […]

You could be happy…

I thought that the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach would subside by now. Alas, it lingers. Yesterday, I made a decision that will alter my future forever. Yesterday, wasn’t a circumstance that I found myself in, it was a choice I made. Yesterday, I found myself alone in a courtroom surrounded by strangers. Yesterday, I […]

Perception is Reality

One day when I was in high school, I was enlightened with three  words, “Perception is reality.” Little did I know that those words, that revelation, the specific arrangement of three relatively ordinary words would be getting me through life. That phrase’s meaning has grown and evolved as I have grown and evolved as a […]

Beating Odds like Abe

After having a very dramatic past few months, I kind of feel uneasy about the sudden calm. I am soooooo glad that my husband is doing better. It isn’t that. The doctor said that he has made a lot of improvement from week to week, and I am more than happy that he is. I […]